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Slight correction PLUS Question about facebook etiquette.

24 Dec

So, since SOMEONE (coughcoughELISABETHcoughcough) seems to be a little behind in her blogging, I’d like to give a little update to my last point, and ask a completely unrelated question. I recently drove 15 hours in a car with my husband and sister-in-law Kelsey, who happenes to be a HUGE HUGE fan of a cappella groups. Like, huge. She loves them. And while my opinion remains largely unchanged about them, I will admit to being inpressed with their harmonization when they are NOT trying to make drum sounds with their throats. Please listen to this song, which I think is beautiful, by Vocal Point. I guess they are not allllll bad. I’ll admit it. (sorry for being so harsh)


Now on to other things–here is a question. Is it rude/mean/jerky/stuck-up/any of the above to point out inaccuracies in facebook posts. I don’t mean like…spelling mistakes. I mean like when people share a picture with a “news” story in the caption, but there is some glaring inaccuracy in it. Here’s a recent example–there has been this picture and speech going around, falsely described as a speech from the father of Columbine High School shooting victim, Rachel Scott given to congress just after the lastest shooting in Newton. Well–the thing is, that is just not true. It is a speech he gave in 1999 (with a word here or there taken out). So, for everyone angrily saying “well, you won’t see this in the news thanks to the LIBERAL MEDIA” I am trying to stay calm as I say yeah…you won’t see it in the news, because no matter how liberal you claim the media is, it’s not really news to report on something that happened more than a dozen years ago. Conservative media shouldn’t be reporting it either, because that is just silly.

I go back and forth about what to do. If I were to post something like that, and wrongly cite it, I would be embarrassed and want someone to tell me so that I could take it down and avoid many more people seeing it. However, the sentiment of the speech (basically don’t blame the NRA for this tragedy) is relevant to the issue today, so I understand why people are sharing it. It wouldn’t lose it’s meaning if it was just reported correctly as a speech from 1999, right after the COLUMBINE shooting, but some facebook person decided to put incorrect information on it, and how it’s getting shared everywhere like that. It’s just weird, and frustrating.

So anyway–should I just keep my mouth shut, or should I let people know of the inaccuracy? This applies to lots of situations, the speech described above just being the most recent incident. I don’t want to be “one of those” facebook people, but I also don’t want people to be embarrassed, as I would be. It’s like if you see someone with their fly unzipped, or skirt tucked in to their tights after they leave the bathroom. You can’t just let them walk around like that!!!! You have tell them! Are the rules different on facebook?

That’s all. Please tell me what to do. And please, feel free to let me know if I post something inaccurate on facebook. Because that’s embarrassing.



12 Dec


Everyone in Provo seems to love love LOVE acapella singing groups. You’ve got Vocal Point, Pentatonix, and countless ward talent show numbers. But I have to say…I HATE THEM. Not so sound harsh or anything, but I usually want to leave half way through any song I hear with people making drum sounds with their mouths that “sound JUST LIKE REAL DRUMS!!!!!!”

No they don’t.

The good Lord created musical instruments for a reason–and that reason was, I’m pretty sure, that people were trying to make those sounds themselves and creating acapella choirs.

What do you think? Awesome? Not Awesome? Am I justified in feeling so annoyed, or am I a scrooge that hates everything good and happy?



(just listen to this, ok? You’re bound to see what I mean)

To love another person is to see the face of God.

13 Oct

I’m reading Les Miserables right now. While it may sound a little cheesy perhaps, the story and the characters in Les Miserables are sacred to me.  I am excited for the movie and you better believe I’ll be there on opening day, but it will be weird to see these literary characters and passages portrayed in front of a camera, to someone else’s interpretation. *shrug* That’s always the thing when you make books into movies I guess. Or…the musical into a movie, as the case may be. Although, in my opinion, the musical is a wonderfully accurate portrayal of the book.  The feeling between characters is very similar. There is just hundreds of pages dedicated to character development that is not necessarily portrayed in the musical. So everyone should read the book.

While the actual film might not quite capture some of my deepest spiritual moments and enlightenments, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the following prom0tional posters which I find incredibly beautiful and pretty much perfect.



Fantine’s picture is bigger because she is my favorite character of the whole thing.

P.S. So, Elisabeth’s last post. Isn’t she AMAZING?!?!?! I’m glad she’s up and blogging again!

The October 11 That Will Live In Infamy

12 Oct

Dear Annette,

So this is where I should probably write an explanation as to why I’ve been so absent in regards to posting ANYTHING in the past few months…but I seriously don’t have a good one that doesn’t resemble an excuse – and I hate excuses!

I’ll get back to the excuses on another date. Right now, I have more important things to discuss with you. Let me tell you a lovely story:

My pal/roommate Leslie had this coworker. And this coworker has a girlfriend that knew a fellow employee at her work. And this group collaborated and thought that this employee and myself might be a nice match. So they gave us each other’s number, and we proceeded to text each other and set up our very first semi-blind date several weeks ago.

Annette. It was an awesome date. And you most certainly know the amount of dating I’ve done in my life. Slim to none. For me to enjoy it, and for me to anxiously anticipate another date with this person was a miracle in itself. But I DID. We had Indian food. We fired pottery together. We looked at the lights of the city and breathed the same autumn air and smiled the same nervously elated smile and there were stars and it felt like every cell in me knew that everything about this was just the way it was supposed to be.

Flash forward a few weeks and many dates later (cooking breakfast together, hanging around Mt. Adams, going up to Carew Tower, watching horrible kung fu movies – you know how much I love horrible movies), and now, we’re totally going steady. And I’m ridiculously happy. Not because of the fact that we’re going steady, in particular. It’s more because I’m ridiculously happy that I’ve found this person I can relate to so easily, that gets my horrible jokes, that appreciates my stupidly romantic gestures, who I already know respects me for just who I am – and they’re totally into me as much as I am into them.

She’s just great.

It’s weird to say it, but Annette, I have an incredible girlfriend.

How’s this for a National Coming Out Day story?!

I guess I should regress. I really don’t want to, because for me, regression needs to go all the way back to when I was 13 and realized that something in me wasn’t quite the same as all the other kids. I wanna regress almost a year ago, when I admitted to that crazy ex Joey (while he was my roommate – is my life a sitcom or what) in the wine aisle at Kroger that yes, I was more attracted to gals than guys, but not completely unattracted to guys. Thus, by definition, making me bisexual…though my favorite phrase for it is “definitely not straight”, because bisexual suggests a perfectly equal dichotomy amongst genders, and it’s just not like that for me. And anyways, THEN commenced a long journey of revealing this to friends and my immediate family, to incredible support across the board, because I finally had the courage to say things on my mind and in my heart for years.

Today is not the day that I argue the specifics of my morality/my hopes for/my beliefs in regards to my relationship, or other same sex couples, or marriage equality, or any of that stuff. All I’m trying to do is tell you that all of this is about love and attraction – two things that poets and various writers have argued for years are innate, unalienable facts of life.

There is nothing wrong about this, and no one has the right to tell me otherwise.

Yesterday, the same Leslie from above asked me what it is about women that makes me attracted to them over men. The question seriously stumped me for a minute, and I pulled together some lame response dictated in terms of femininity vs. masculinity that was completely negligible. I think I might have mentioned something about body hair and tattoos.

The honest truth? I fall in love with human beings. If that happens to occur more frequently with women than men, but still sometimes with men, then so be it. Is that answer so startling? I am fascinated with the intricacies of humanity: the beauty of art and medicine and literature juxtaposed with the destruction of violence and war and pestilence, and the fact that humanity produces that and everything in between is transfixing enough to drive my pulse and warm my blood. Is it any surprise that the limits of my love are not confined to a singular gender?

This is what matters to me right now. I’m dating a girl named Sara. I think she’s beautiful. She likes bad kung fu movies. She knows how to cook exceptionally. Her favorite color is orange.

And one day, I would really like you to meet her.



Dear Elisabeth,

25 Mar

Hey.  It’s me.  Remember me? I’m that one girl who is sometimes a bad friend and doesn’t call you enough.

So, yesterday I was talking to Jessica.  We started talking about this article she once read about people who make new years resolutions to rekindle friendships that they might have lost or just neglected.  According to this article, that is sort of a silly thing to do, because there is a reason you moved on, and you should just move forward.  I agree with this to a certain extent.  People change, and paths diverge.

But I don’t think that applies to us.  I don’t want it to. I won’t let it.

So, let’s talk all the time again and stuff.  I miss you.

Love, Annette


What does it feel like to spray someone in the face with pepper spray?

21 Nov

Dear Elisabeth,

We haven’t talked much about current events lately.  I just wanted to share my thoughts on something I have been thinking about lately.

Sometimes, I totally get why police have to step in and dissipate riots and protests. But sometimes I really don’t get it at all.

Here is a good visual of how I think of some of these situations:

Look at that violent way she is holding that parasol! She must be pepper sprayed!

Because…just watch this for a while:

or this

or look at this picture

So yeah.  What do you think?

Sincerely your occassionaly horrified-at-what-she-sees-police-doing friend,


Viva La Pantsuit!

17 Nov

“The Church has not attempted to indicate just how long women’s or girls’ dresses should be nor whether they should wear pant suits or other types of clothing. We have always counseled our members to be modest in their dress, maintaining such standards in connection therewith as would not be embarrassing to themselves and to their relatives, friends, and associates.”–“Statements of the LDS First Presidency: A Topical Compendium” by Gary James Bergera (with a foreword by Dale C LeCheminant).  ISBN-13: 978-1-56085-195-0.

Please read this now:

It occurred to me today as I was dressing to give a presentation in one of my political science classes that I felt much more professional, dressed up, respectful in my expensive pantsuit than I do in most of my dresses or skirts (although I should say that I have 1 or 2 dresses that are N-I-C-E and make me feel just as nice).  But anyways, I was pondering on the slight tragedy that if I were to wear my pantsuit to church, where we are supposed to dress in a way that shows respect to our Heavenly Parents, I would get…some very disapproving stares to say the least.  So I stick with my dresses and skirts, which are all very cute, but really now: Don’t you think nicely ironed slacks and blouse are more respectful to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother than a rather blase dress or skirt?

So…what do you think about wearing slacks to church?

My sister, My grandpa (in 'professional' wear for society might I add) and me. I mean, it's a nice outfit and everything.


But look how nice this looks? ya know? I'm just saying.

11 Nov

Dr. Anca Sprenger just complimented my outfit.

I think I almost died. Because she is amazing…and always well dressed and this one time I caught myself slightly drooling over these incredibly beautiful tights she had on during a meeting (which she got at this “charming boutique in Paris last month”).

This may be the best day of my life.

This is her.

P.S. So, me and my good buddy Trace were talking with her during the Women’s Studies Conference last week (Anca was the coordinator of it) and she was talking about how the MOA was being really hard to work with and never answering her calls.  Then she paused and said “At the end of this conference, I’m going to break some knee caps.”  (imagine this in a Romanian/French accent…which she has. Yes…both) When Trace and I burst into hysterical laughter, she explained “You Mormons don’t approve much of angry language. If I can’t curse, I’ll just quote violent lines from movies.” It was hilarious. She is awesome. AND she liked my outfit today. fa la la.

7 things that I decided to write about real quick.

9 Nov

I’m gonna say some stuff real quick.

  1. Everyone should read this please:  I really like that blog first of all. This girl is funny, and eloquent about it, which is the best kind of funny to be.  But also, she covers some good stuff in this post.  Most significant I think that she actually does love and respect stay-at-home-moms.  This has been a pattern in my life recently:  I call myself a feminist…because I am a feminist and I am trying to show people that actually it is a good thing, so I try to live my life the best way I can so that maybe people will not be so scared of feminists. I don’t know if it’s working… But anyways, very often people that are very close to me get defensive when the find out/realize that I am a feminist and jump right into saying that they are stay-at-home-moms, that they love being stay-at-home-moms, and that they are dedicated to the protection of respect for stay-at-home-moms.  THAT hurts my feelings, because holy heck! I love stay-at-home-moms!  I don’t think being one means you are less intelligent–smart people are stay at home moms! I don’t know why people think I think that I hate stay-at-home-moms! (well I do…and it all about assumptions…but…stop making those assumptions…because it is just silly). ALSO, let’s remember that I am not a mom yet.  I don’t know what will end up being the best set-up for my family, but it might be that I will be a stay at home mom! And if that is the right thing, then it will be AWESOME. Because, stay-at-home-moms are awesome.  My mom opted for that route, and she is the best mom that has ever  lived on the planet.  Seriously.  She’s the  She is totally hip and smokin.  Everyone loves her. Her love and teaching is responsible for any success I have.  I know I’ll never be as good as her, but I’ll try when little Evan-Annette’s make their debuts.  ALSO, everyone should know that I know that being a stay-at-home-mom is the hardest job.  I never said I didn’t think it was hard.  Ask anyone…people agree that it is the hardest of the jobs.  Ok?  So…please don’t think I’m hating on the stay-at-home-moms. What I am fighting against is the idea that there is only one choice for women to gain fulfillment.  What I want is cultural pressure to go away so women can do what makes them and their families happiest without because called anti-family or givin the “love the sinner” look in Relief society.  As the Mormon Child Bride says, “And aren’t we so  lucky that we even get to have this conversation, however belabored? That some of us are lucky enough to SAHM when we want to, and some of us are lucky enough to work and still be moms, if we want to. And really, I suppose the only truly hard thing is not having any choices at all. That. Is. The. Hardest.”  so let’s make it acceptable for people to have choices.
  2. I also think people should be reminded that according to the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a man’s most important role is fatherhood.  Just as a woman’s is motherhood.  And I believe that one day contradictions in Mormon culture and strange rules will go away and everyone will remember that.   Ladies, don’t look for a man who will be the best monetary provider for  you and your family (because guess what…you can be a monetary provider too).  Look for a man that will nurture you and your children.   And will someone please tell me I am not crazy for being confused about the temple worker rule that “Women with children under 18 should not be temple workers” WHICH implies that the place they should be is home with the kids…but it is ok for the men to take 5 hour shifts at the temple and leave their under 18 kids at home with the wife.  No way jose. I know church doctrine.  That rule doesn’t make sense. So, either you say PARENTS with kids uner 18 should spend more time at home the kids (which I think would be an awesome rule), so we’ll let the empty nesters work in the temple…OR, you say men and women with children under 18 can work in the temple, and that it is actually ok for Men to watch the kids while the women go to work in the temple…because that is actually not something that goes against any roles presented in the Proclamation on the Family.
  3. Women’s Studies had it’s first annual conference last week. It was a lot of work, and I learned a lot of things about how to throw a conference.  I also learned a lot of things from the awesome research that was presented.  But, the best part of it was watching the faces of the presenters as they talked about their projects.  Or the faces of the professors who watched the students they mentored present.  Or hearing people say “I didn’t even know BYU had a Women’s Studies Program! I want more information/to be on the e-mail list/to tell all my friends” instead of  the expected “What are all you anti-family feminists doing here at the Lord’s University.”  Because when people say the latter, I can’t help but wonder if they even pay attention in church or to their scripture study…or listened to ANY of the sessions or lectures Women’s Studies organizes.
  4. The Occupy Wall Street movement is interesting.  And I get why a lot of people don’t think too highly of it.  But here’s the thing.  If you sort through all the crazy stuff, the reason for the protests is that there are socially constructed barriers that keep people from becoming as successful as those top money earners…no matter how hard they work.  It makes me quite mad to hear (…) people’s seriously rude critiques of the movement because all the protesters are just lazy.  And to that I say…not everyone grew up in the suburbs, or in the church, or with your parents who were able to give you the opportunities you have.   So be more understanding and loving everyone and instead of being mean, try to help the situation.  (fyi: telling them to get off their lazy bums and read a book is not helping the situation…it is just making things worse i think).
  5. Evan is officially student teaching at Salem Hills High School next semester!  So that’s awesome.
  6. Lastly, I am doing this really awesome personal research and am finding out this awesome stuff, and if I actually write a good paper about it, I’ll be able to publish it.  It is seriously really fun and so far it has included facebook surveys and planting an undercover agent ( husband) in various priesthood lessons.  bwahahaha. No one suspects him! And the research will only get funner.
  7. Also, special thanks to MeganP who texted me this little thing that she probably didn’t think was that awesome, but was more comforting and empowering for me than she will ever know.  I like that girl.

Elisabeth Hieber’s Guide to Life Preparedness, part 1

8 Nov

Dear adventurers,

If you have a car, you know that’s it tends to be pretty useful. It gets you from point A to point B, and if you’re me, points C, D, X, Y, and pi. I use my parents’ car probably more than I should, but it tends to be a necessity when you take care of 4 dogs in two different borroughs, have a job, attend school, and live somewhere between Avondale and Clifton.

This is Honduras. He’s my bro – we kick it all the time. He has the best jams, knows exactly what to do when I’m angry or upset (drive fast and away from cops, duh), and he always forgives me when I run him into poles or over deceivingly concealed boulders outside Taco Bell.

But probably the best part of Honduras is his trunk. In the transition between moving from one side of campus to the other, we had a few days where our lease at Clifton house had ended and our lease at Euclid house had yet to begin. I lived out of that trunk like a boss. I had a pillow, a change of uniforms, my toothbrush and toothpaste, all of my shoes, now that I think about it, a lifeguard tube – basically, everything I needed to live at whatever location I happened to roll up to: my parent’s house, the zoo parking lot, the Christian frat where our animals were living. I learned a lot from that experience. It is never detrimental to stock your trunk to be prepared for anything. Unless, you know, you’re preparing to stow a body. You might want to empty our your trunk for that.

The contents of my trunk include:

1. A lifeguard tube. You never know when you might encounter someone drowning and a lifeguard tube makes the whole rescue deal so much easier. Plus, it makes a great pillow.

2. A swimsuit. Again, do you want to get your clothes wet when you save someone? Alternately, we’ve all had that “Let’s go swimming!”-“I didn’t bring a suit :(” exchange. Never be that person again! My preferred suit is a TYR trainer, one or two piece. You never know when you’re going to have that opportunity to tan.

3. A basket full of water bottles. I love drinking water. I hate encountering a water fountain and not being able to take it on the road with me.

4. A small empty rabbit cage. In case of zombie invasion and I have to flee the state, I need to have a place for Lenny to stay comfortably. Unless, of course, he became a zombie rabbit at some point during the invasion. In which case, the cage is even more of a necessity. It keeps one less zombie Leporidae oryctolagus from roaming the streets, eating braaaaains.

5. Toothbrush and toothpaste. And an extra brush, mascara, and lip gloss. After surviving what has been referred to as my frat-boy weekend (numerous swimming pools, smoothing over police and a landlord, a Reds game, all-night clubbing, and then waking up in an apartment in Kentucky), I realized you never know what’s going to happen or where you’re going to wake up. Use foresight! It prevents looking like a hot mess!

6. A scooter. I’m not kidding. Once I had to park my car like 8 blocks away during a football game, so I rode my scooter out to my car the next morning. I keep it around in case I ever have to park that far away and want to easily scoot back home.

7. First aid kit. Knowing me, this goes without saying. I have enough supplies to provide preliminary care for anything ranging from paper cuts to embedded objects. Not kidding. You stick a styrofoam cup around it and secure it with gauze. There! Done! Next!

8. A bathmat. Ok, I should really replace this one with a towel. It just makes more sense. Here’s just a little backstory on the bathmat. The summer before moving into my first house, I went garage sale shopping with my roommate Kristi. We bought this bathmat, but for fear of bed bugs, mom wouldn’t let me bring it in our house. The bathmat stayed in the trunk of the car, forgotten, until the following summer. I went to a park in Forest Ridge to go for a run, which was characterized by a mid-sized lake sitting in the middle. After making it almost completely around the lake, surviving almost three miles of trail-less stumbling, I realized that the land didn’t connect; it stopped in a rocky peninsula between where the lake and a tributary of the Little Miami met. I could see my car on the other side of the water. And turning around and stumbling throughthe underbrush was extremely undesirable. Talking to myself, saying things like “Hiebers don’t quit!” and “Come on, E-beth. You know how to swim.” and “What’s the statistical likelihood of there being venomous snakes?”, I made the decision to forge the river. I took off my shoes and socks, held them over my head, and swam across. When I made it to the car, I was at a loss as to what I was going to use to dry off…until I spotted the bathmat! And that is the life event that convinced me to never take the lucky bathmat out of the trunk.

You see, with just a few mundane items stashed in the back of your car, you can pretty much survive everything. Get creative!