Slight correction PLUS Question about facebook etiquette.

24 Dec

So, since SOMEONE (coughcoughELISABETHcoughcough) seems to be a little behind in her blogging, I’d like to give a little update to my last point, and ask a completely unrelated question. I recently drove 15 hours in a car with my husband and sister-in-law Kelsey, who happenes to be a HUGE HUGE fan of a cappella groups. Like, huge. She loves them. And while my opinion remains largely unchanged about them, I will admit to being inpressed with their harmonization when they are NOT trying to make drum sounds with their throats. Please listen to this song, which I think is beautiful, by Vocal Point. I guess they are not allllll bad. I’ll admit it. (sorry for being so harsh)


Now on to other things–here is a question. Is it rude/mean/jerky/stuck-up/any of the above to point out inaccuracies in facebook posts. I don’t mean like…spelling mistakes. I mean like when people share a picture with a “news” story in the caption, but there is some glaring inaccuracy in it. Here’s a recent example–there has been this picture and speech going around, falsely described as a speech from the father of Columbine High School shooting victim, Rachel Scott given to congress just after the lastest shooting in Newton. Well–the thing is, that is just not true. It is a speech he gave in 1999 (with a word here or there taken out). So, for everyone angrily saying “well, you won’t see this in the news thanks to the LIBERAL MEDIA” I am trying to stay calm as I say yeah…you won’t see it in the news, because no matter how liberal you claim the media is, it’s not really news to report on something that happened more than a dozen years ago. Conservative media shouldn’t be reporting it either, because that is just silly.

I go back and forth about what to do. If I were to post something like that, and wrongly cite it, I would be embarrassed and want someone to tell me so that I could take it down and avoid many more people seeing it. However, the sentiment of the speech (basically don’t blame the NRA for this tragedy) is relevant to the issue today, so I understand why people are sharing it. It wouldn’t lose it’s meaning if it was just reported correctly as a speech from 1999, right after the COLUMBINE shooting, but some facebook person decided to put incorrect information on it, and how it’s getting shared everywhere like that. It’s just weird, and frustrating.

So anyway–should I just keep my mouth shut, or should I let people know of the inaccuracy? This applies to lots of situations, the speech described above just being the most recent incident. I don’t want to be “one of those” facebook people, but I also don’t want people to be embarrassed, as I would be. It’s like if you see someone with their fly unzipped, or skirt tucked in to their tights after they leave the bathroom. You can’t just let them walk around like that!!!! You have tell them! Are the rules different on facebook?

That’s all. Please tell me what to do. And please, feel free to let me know if I post something inaccurate on facebook. Because that’s embarrassing.


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