The October 11 That Will Live In Infamy

12 Oct

Dear Annette,

So this is where I should probably write an explanation as to why I’ve been so absent in regards to posting ANYTHING in the past few months…but I seriously don’t have a good one that doesn’t resemble an excuse – and I hate excuses!

I’ll get back to the excuses on another date. Right now, I have more important things to discuss with you. Let me tell you a lovely story:

My pal/roommate Leslie had this coworker. And this coworker has a girlfriend that knew a fellow employee at her work. And this group collaborated and thought that this employee and myself might be a nice match. So they gave us each other’s number, and we proceeded to text each other and set up our very first semi-blind date several weeks ago.

Annette. It was an awesome date. And you most certainly know the amount of dating I’ve done in my life. Slim to none. For me to enjoy it, and for me to anxiously anticipate another date with this person was a miracle in itself. But I DID. We had Indian food. We fired pottery together. We looked at the lights of the city and breathed the same autumn air and smiled the same nervously elated smile and there were stars and it felt like every cell in me knew that everything about this was just the way it was supposed to be.

Flash forward a few weeks and many dates later (cooking breakfast together, hanging around Mt. Adams, going up to Carew Tower, watching horrible kung fu movies – you know how much I love horrible movies), and now, we’re totally going steady. And I’m ridiculously happy. Not because of the fact that we’re going steady, in particular. It’s more because I’m ridiculously happy that I’ve found this person I can relate to so easily, that gets my horrible jokes, that appreciates my stupidly romantic gestures, who I already know respects me for just who I am – and they’re totally into me as much as I am into them.

She’s just great.

It’s weird to say it, but Annette, I have an incredible girlfriend.

How’s this for a National Coming Out Day story?!

I guess I should regress. I really don’t want to, because for me, regression needs to go all the way back to when I was 13 and realized that something in me wasn’t quite the same as all the other kids. I wanna regress almost a year ago, when I admitted to that crazy ex Joey (while he was my roommate – is my life a sitcom or what) in the wine aisle at Kroger that yes, I was more attracted to gals than guys, but not completely unattracted to guys. Thus, by definition, making me bisexual…though my favorite phrase for it is “definitely not straight”, because bisexual suggests a perfectly equal dichotomy amongst genders, and it’s just not like that for me. And anyways, THEN commenced a long journey of revealing this to friends and my immediate family, to incredible support across the board, because I finally had the courage to say things on my mind and in my heart for years.

Today is not the day that I argue the specifics of my morality/my hopes for/my beliefs in regards to my relationship, or other same sex couples, or marriage equality, or any of that stuff. All I’m trying to do is tell you that all of this is about love and attraction – two things that poets and various writers have argued for years are innate, unalienable facts of life.

There is nothing wrong about this, and no one has the right to tell me otherwise.

Yesterday, the same Leslie from above asked me what it is about women that makes me attracted to them over men. The question seriously stumped me for a minute, and I pulled together some lame response dictated in terms of femininity vs. masculinity that was completely negligible. I think I might have mentioned something about body hair and tattoos.

The honest truth? I fall in love with human beings. If that happens to occur more frequently with women than men, but still sometimes with men, then so be it. Is that answer so startling? I am fascinated with the intricacies of humanity: the beauty of art and medicine and literature juxtaposed with the destruction of violence and war and pestilence, and the fact that humanity produces that and everything in between is transfixing enough to drive my pulse and warm my blood. Is it any surprise that the limits of my love are not confined to a singular gender?

This is what matters to me right now. I’m dating a girl named Sara. I think she’s beautiful. She likes bad kung fu movies. She knows how to cook exceptionally. Her favorite color is orange.

And one day, I would really like you to meet her.




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