11 Nov

Dr. Anca Sprenger just complimented my outfit.

I think I almost died. Because she is amazing…and always well dressed and this one time I caught myself slightly drooling over these incredibly beautiful tights she had on during a meeting (which she got at this “charming boutique in Paris last month”).

This may be the best day of my life.

This is her.

P.S. So, me and my good buddy Trace were talking with her during the Women’s Studies Conference last week (Anca was the coordinator of it) and she was talking about how the MOA was being really hard to work with and never answering her calls.  Then she paused and said “At the end of this conference, I’m going to break some knee caps.”  (imagine this in a Romanian/French accent…which she has. Yes…both) When Trace and I burst into hysterical laughter, she explained “You Mormons don’t approve much of angry language. If I can’t curse, I’ll just quote violent lines from movies.” It was hilarious. She is awesome. AND she liked my outfit today. fa la la.


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