7 things that I decided to write about real quick.

9 Nov

I’m gonna say some stuff real quick.

  1. Everyone should read this please: http://mormonchildbride.blogspot.com/2011/11/mcb-emotional-ranting-until-early.html.  I really like that blog first of all. This girl is funny, and eloquent about it, which is the best kind of funny to be.  But also, she covers some good stuff in this post.  Most significant I think that she actually does love and respect stay-at-home-moms.  This has been a pattern in my life recently:  I call myself a feminist…because I am a feminist and I am trying to show people that actually it is a good thing, so I try to live my life the best way I can so that maybe people will not be so scared of feminists. I don’t know if it’s working… But anyways, very often people that are very close to me get defensive when the find out/realize that I am a feminist and jump right into saying that they are stay-at-home-moms, that they love being stay-at-home-moms, and that they are dedicated to the protection of respect for stay-at-home-moms.  THAT hurts my feelings, because holy heck! I love stay-at-home-moms!  I don’t think being one means you are less intelligent–smart people are stay at home moms! I don’t know why people think I think that I hate stay-at-home-moms! (well I do…and it all about assumptions…but…stop making those assumptions…because it is just silly). ALSO, let’s remember that I am not a mom yet.  I don’t know what will end up being the best set-up for my family, but it might be that I will be a stay at home mom! And if that is the right thing, then it will be AWESOME. Because, stay-at-home-moms are awesome.  My mom opted for that route, and she is the best mom that has ever  lived on the planet.  Seriously.  She’s the bomb.com.  She is totally hip and smokin.  Everyone loves her. Her love and teaching is responsible for any success I have.  I know I’ll never be as good as her, but I’ll try when little Evan-Annette’s make their debuts.  ALSO, everyone should know that I know that being a stay-at-home-mom is the hardest job.  I never said I didn’t think it was hard.  Ask anyone…people agree that it is the hardest of the jobs.  Ok?  So…please don’t think I’m hating on the stay-at-home-moms. What I am fighting against is the idea that there is only one choice for women to gain fulfillment.  What I want is cultural pressure to go away so women can do what makes them and their families happiest without because called anti-family or givin the “love the sinner” look in Relief society.  As the Mormon Child Bride says, “And aren’t we so  lucky that we even get to have this conversation, however belabored? That some of us are lucky enough to SAHM when we want to, and some of us are lucky enough to work and still be moms, if we want to. And really, I suppose the only truly hard thing is not having any choices at all. That. Is. The. Hardest.”  so let’s make it acceptable for people to have choices.
  2. I also think people should be reminded that according to the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a man’s most important role is fatherhood.  Just as a woman’s is motherhood.  And I believe that one day contradictions in Mormon culture and strange rules will go away and everyone will remember that.   Ladies, don’t look for a man who will be the best monetary provider for  you and your family (because guess what…you can be a monetary provider too).  Look for a man that will nurture you and your children.   And will someone please tell me I am not crazy for being confused about the temple worker rule that “Women with children under 18 should not be temple workers” WHICH implies that the place they should be is home with the kids…but it is ok for the men to take 5 hour shifts at the temple and leave their under 18 kids at home with the wife.  No way jose. I know church doctrine.  That rule doesn’t make sense. So, either you say PARENTS with kids uner 18 should spend more time at home the kids (which I think would be an awesome rule), so we’ll let the empty nesters work in the temple…OR, you say men and women with children under 18 can work in the temple, and that it is actually ok for Men to watch the kids while the women go to work in the temple…because that is actually not something that goes against any roles presented in the Proclamation on the Family.
  3. Women’s Studies had it’s first annual conference last week. It was a lot of work, and I learned a lot of things about how to throw a conference.  I also learned a lot of things from the awesome research that was presented.  But, the best part of it was watching the faces of the presenters as they talked about their projects.  Or the faces of the professors who watched the students they mentored present.  Or hearing people say “I didn’t even know BYU had a Women’s Studies Program! I want more information/to be on the e-mail list/to tell all my friends” instead of  the expected “What are all you anti-family feminists doing here at the Lord’s University.”  Because when people say the latter, I can’t help but wonder if they even pay attention in church or to their scripture study…or listened to ANY of the sessions or lectures Women’s Studies organizes.
  4. The Occupy Wall Street movement is interesting.  And I get why a lot of people don’t think too highly of it.  But here’s the thing.  If you sort through all the crazy stuff, the reason for the protests is that there are socially constructed barriers that keep people from becoming as successful as those top money earners…no matter how hard they work.  It makes me quite mad to hear (or..read…) people’s seriously rude critiques of the movement because all the protesters are just lazy.  And to that I say…not everyone grew up in the suburbs, or in the church, or with your parents who were able to give you the opportunities you have.   So be more understanding and loving everyone and instead of being mean, try to help the situation.  (fyi: telling them to get off their lazy bums and read a book is not helping the situation…it is just making things worse i think).
  5. Evan is officially student teaching at Salem Hills High School next semester!  So that’s awesome.
  6. Lastly, I am doing this really awesome personal research and am finding out this awesome stuff, and if I actually write a good paper about it, I’ll be able to publish it.  It is seriously really fun and so far it has included facebook surveys and planting an undercover agent (uh..my husband) in various priesthood lessons.  bwahahaha. No one suspects him! And the research will only get funner.
  7. Also, special thanks to MeganP who texted me this little thing that she probably didn’t think was that awesome, but was more comforting and empowering for me than she will ever know.  I like that girl.

One Response to “7 things that I decided to write about real quick.”

  1. Jessica Callahan November 11, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Dear Annette,

    I agree with everything you have said in this post. It is fabulous. Except for the Wall Street thing. Once you wrote a blog post where you talked about the article that compared wealth to college students and grades. I think that comparing the two is disgusting because I too believe that it is not fair that people seem to never be able to rise above the situations that they were born into monetarily speaking. However, Occupy Wall Street doesn’t seem to be about that to me! Because I think that people that are working really hard to make it in life are not out sitting on their bums in front of banks trying to “make a change for the world.” I think they are out either working really hard or looking for a job. I honestly feel like the people sitting in front of banks are protesting because they are not in poverty and want more. While it is sad to think that people at the heads of companies are making tons of money, and they probably couldn’t have gotten there had they been born into a different circumstance, this is not the way to go about doing something. I feel like they’re just being ridiculous and loud. I don’t think any change will come from it. And I don’t think that the people there are trying to stand up for the hard single woman born into poverty. I think they’re trying to gain more for themselves.

    So basically… I agree that something needs to change in order to help people born into a lower situation. And I don’t know if I think there should be some sort of cap on what CEOs make, as they are in charge of companies that deal with so much. Managers get paid more than workers and CEOs are the manager’s manager’s manager’s manager. I do disagree with the entire Occupy Wall Street movement and what it may or may not stand for. Because I do not believe that those people are looking to help the truly unfortunate or needy.

    However, I would love to understand your thoughts more! Maybe we could discuss it (and other things going on in our lives) over hot chocolate? I bought the make your own Starbucks cocoa!

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