Grace in your heart. Flowers in your hair. –Mumford and Sons

11 Sep

Dear Elisabeth,

I have some things on my mind.

Life is getting so crazy for us.  You are working ALL DAY at your awesome new job wherein you freaking work with Cheetahs.  I know it is hard and exhausting, but it is what you have always wanted to do.  And the opportunities that are going to come from all this work you are doing now are going to blow your mind.  If anyone can do it, you can do it.  So, just keep going.  Take it all in stride, because you have the “stuff” needed to handle anything.  You can do hard things.  You taught me that I can do hard things through that example.

Elisabeth, I sure as heck miss you.  I ran across the pictures we took from when you visited Las Vegas, and I loved looking at those memories again.  Remember all those adventures we had? Remember the hookah incident? Remember all the minor traffic violations? Remember that time I visited Ohio, and we killed a racoon on the way to get smore stuff and screamed for a minute at least.  And remember how we talked for hours in your backyard? And remember how we STILL have to go running together?

We have had some seriously good times Elisabeth Hieber.

You know how when something else crazy happens in one of our lives and we  say “Well, THAT is going in the movie about our lives.”  I have been thinking about what viewers of our movie would be thinking right now.  The two protagonists (uh…that’s us…) seem to be going in such different directions! What with that spunky Elisabeth and all her UC adventures, driving men crazy wherever she goes! And that Annette character, about to get married and stuff.  It seems to me the viewers might think that the protagonists will soon recognize their veering paths, have one more serious conversation about how they will always respect each other and remember what they have learned from the other, and sing a song like this, but will just accept that they have just grown too different and will say their goodbyes.

But, we both know that is not going to happen.  For a reason I call the “X-Factor” of our relationship, it doesn’t matter how much our paths veer.  We always end up staying connected.  We always seem to be able to bridge the gap…or in some cases we just seem to teleport to visit the other.  I dunno how it works.  I don’t know what it is that keeps us together, but SOMETHING does and for that I am grateful.  More grateful than I can ever hope to express.

I love your guts.  I want the best for you in everything.  I want complete success for you.  I want you to find your own Evan who can take what you thought was a perfectly happy life and give you happiness you never even thought possible.

Anyway, I have gone off on a lot of tangeants! What I really wanted to do with this post was suggest this song become part of our movie’s soundtrack.

It just makes me think of you.  It is so determined and hopeful.  Just like you.


So anyways, I guess I just want to say that I love how different we are, and how we still never grow apart.

Thank heaven for freshmen Biology, Geometry and English. 🙂

This is you these days

This is also you. (In case you didn't know...)

This is me these days

And this is me too.


But this is us. And it always will be. 

And don't you freakin forget it Missy!





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