I have a little ball of tinfoil on my shelf. This is why.

4 Sep

Once I realized I couldn’t be Anastasia when I grew up (which happened at about 6 years of age), I began to look for other options.  I went though a couple potential future careers, until finally in the 6th grade I discovered my passion.  I was walking around looking around at the 8th grade science fair, and noticed a mural in the library that I had never noticed before of…SPACE.  I remember staring at that mural with all the planets, and  stars and nebulas and thinking “wow…that’s cool.”  It didn’t take my Dad long to notice my new interest, and I was certainly lucky to have a daddy who happened to be interested in Space too, and knew a lot about it.  I started watching movied like “The Right Stuff” and I started going to space camp. I had Gordon Cooper’s obituary hanging in my locker all through high school in memorium of my most favorite original Mercury 7 Astronaut.  I day dreamed about space shuttles.  My imagination was wild for that “Final Frontier.”

I decided that I would become an astronaut. Because I loved that stuff.  I really truly loved it.

Everyone who knows me now knows very well that I am no longer working to become an astronaut.  I didn’t go to the Air Force Academy like I wanted to through high school.  I’m not studying Aeronautical Science or Engineering.

But, I still love the idea of being an astronaut.  I LOVE going to Air and Space Museums, and if Evan hadn’t started blabbing about planes on our second date, who knows where we would be now! The man instantly became insanely attractive to me then. What can I say.

And now that you have that background story, you’ll understand the following story and why I’ll always have a ball of tinfoil on display in my house (erm…apartment).

Evan and I were visiting his family in Tucson and went to the Pima Air and Space Museum because Evan loves planes, and I love space.  So…places like that are perfect for us.  In the Space part of the exhibit, there was a for real moon rock and much to my embarrassment I couldn’t stop a couple tears from betraying my regrets.  I had these dreams when I was growing up of getting a moon rock myself.  We moved on from there, looked at the rest of the exhibits and went home for dinner.

I think Evan and I were helping his mom make garlic bread when suddenly he got a sheet of tin foil, rolled it up into a ball, and put it in my hands. I was of course very confused and probably said something like…”What the….”.

He just turned to me and said with his Evan-smirk “It’s a moon rock for you.”

So, when people 20 years from now ask me why there is a little ball of tin foil in my china cabinet along with fancy dishes and porcelain statues, I’ll say something like “Because somehow Evan helps me accomplish everything I ever wanted to.”

or I’ll just look at them and say “What? You don’t know what that IS?! It’s my moon rock.”


One Response to “I have a little ball of tinfoil on my shelf. This is why.”

  1. Megan September 5, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    this made me cry. in the library at work. no big.

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