Fa la la la LAAAA!!!!!!

7 Feb

Dear Lizbef,

I am woefully behind at keeping you updated.  In a sentence: I am researching all day for my projects in Africa, I am researching all day for my fellowship in DC, I am studying all day so I can pass my classes, I am reading all day so I can write my papers, and I am working all day because I got a promotion and I am now Dr. Hegstrom’s Administrative Assistant and I have a bajillion and one things to do.  Now, if you do the math, you will probably come to the same conclusion I have come to–namely, that I don’t have time for anything really.

Especially when you add to the mix that I spend all day day-dreaming about my super wonderful boyfriend.  Which is why I wanted to finally write you this letter (uh…blogpost)–since it is one of the bullet points in your job-description of being my best friend that we get to gush about our boys to each other all we want in addition to other subjects such as global politics and the woes of chemistry.

I just wanted to point out that today as I was watching the half-time show of the Super Bowl I realized that Usher (pictured below)

is ALMOST as attractive as the Mega-Hot Evan Moss.

Hubba Hubba

Actually, Usher doesn’t really come that close at all now that I think about it….


so anyway, I promise to call you soon.  Probably in the next couple days cuz I REALLY need to laundry since I am beginning to have to steal Mary Ann’s socks and doing laundry is a dull job made much more pleasant by stimulating and intelligent conversation with my favorite brunette east of the Mississippi.

Later Tater,



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