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Top Ten…

15 Dec

Worst places to have a nosebleed, derived from personal experience, and not in any particular…

  1. During wrestling practice, while getting cross-faced.
  2. After a swimming final, because you confuse the blood dripping down your face with water, and don’t realize it until you see it all over your feet…and you have 5 minutes to stop the bleeding before your relay final, because you know you aren’t allowed to expose the water to such a biohazard.
  3. While lifeguarding on stand. You have to depend on delinquent children to get you a tissue/your manager, or face the alternative of bleeding into your 1 of 2 work shirts until someone else notices.
  4. During 400 repeats on the track.
  5. While eating.
  6. While in the shower, for similar reasons as #2. You don’t notice until it looks like Psycho happened in your own personal bathroom.
  7. In the car with your dad. He usually doesn’t have napkins handy like your mom, and instead, you must cram pieces of newspaper into your nose.
  8. During an orchestra concert.
  9. In chemistry lab, while working with things with weird titles like sodium permanganate and hydrocloric acid.
  10. While painting a watercolor.

And people think texting is the problem…

14 Dec

I would like to take this opportunity to NOT do the classic Finals Week Post that goes something like. “I have no time to do anything! This paper is a BEAST.  2 down, 2 billion to go.  3 more days till WINTER BREAK!”

No, I am taking a blogging break FROM finals, and therefore I do not want to dwell on the evil things.


Instead, I want to share a delightful quote I just stumbled upon in order to brighten your day!


“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

–Albert Einstein.


P.S. I just found out there is a new Vanessa Carlton album expected in the Spring of next year entitled “Rabbits on the Run.”  I am more excited than you could possibly realize.

If you don’t know much about Vanessa Carlton…watch this!

My Dad

3 Dec

My Dad always answers my questions.

My Dad always laughs at Napolean Dynamite.

My Dad always said we were beautiful piano players, even when we would play Hannon for three hours on Sundays when he was trying to take a nap.

My Dad cries when he reads us Anne of Green Gables.

My Dad flies fighter jets.

My Dad is not the best at talking on the phone, but makes up for it with the best hugs EVER whenever we do see him.

My Dad takes me to Indian Food.

My Dad taught me to appreciate beautiful things.

My Dad spent truly countless hours helping a tearful and tired me understand math all through high school.

My Dad was always willing to help me and never made me feel at all dumb ever.

My Dad never yells.

My Dad showed me how to be organized.

My Dad is an accomplished maker of pancakes.

My Dad always loves my Mom.

My Dad walks slow, which used to make me mad but now I appreciate it.

My Dad likes to watch documentaries.

My Dad taught me how to analyze good literature.

My Dad is the best driver I have ever met.

My Dad always respects his Priesthood.

My Dad is a talented painter.

I have only ever heard my Dad brag about Mom or us–never himself.

My Dad is a quiet and observant man.

My Dad taught me how to braid hair.

My Dad folds the laundry and he does it perfectly.

My Dad is ridiculously particular when it comes to mowing the lawn.

My Dad showed me that a truly intelligent person is one that can explain even the hardest concepts in a way that can be understood by anyone.

My Dad talks with his hands.

My Dad doesn’t get too crazy or harsh with sports, but he will let out the occasional cheer or groan.

My Dad will always listen and always remember.

My Dad is not good at Mario Kart.

My Dad is good at everything else I am pretty sure.


Dad once told me all those years of raising us are made worth it when he gets to “watch us fly.”

I work so hard at all the things I do because I want to make my Dad proud.  I want him to see my success so he knows what a good job he does at being the most exemplary father anyone could ever have.

Watch me go Dad.

oh….and Happy Birthday.  I love you.


I’m just sayin’…. 🙂         <———that is an inside joke I have with my Dad. 🙂

This is me and my Dad.

I’m waiting for a Plan 10

3 Dec

I love B-movies. My favorite era would probably be the 1950s and 1960s; anything later than that tends to be overly campy, overly sarcastic, or just weird new age-y film experimental bla bla bla. I like the classics. The Screaming Skull. Plan Nine From Outer Space. Devil Doll. Space Prince. King of Space. Every Godzilla known to mankind before the 1980s. I could seriously watch these movies all day long.


I was thinking about this today.I think I love these b-movies so much because they remind me so much of my own life. In these epic sci-fi b-movies, there is always a grand disaster. The world is ending. Aliens are invading. Aliens are trying to take over the world by bringing back to life dead people as zombies – no! As vampire zombies. That use mind control to seduce and then destroy their victims, and eventually enslave the entire world (and just think – the aliens had eight other plans that failed before this one). There is always a grand disaster, and all of the characters are running around trying to prevent the inevitable, through heroic gestures and extended monologues and dramatic camera angles. This is supposed to be serious, right? Not always. My favorite aspect of b-movies is that they are so bad that they are actually hilarious. You will always laugh in a b-movie. Cheesy lines and over-the-top monsters and promises to pay for viewers’ funerals should anyone happen to die of fright crack me up. No matter how dire the plot line, there is always something to laugh about.


My life is my own personal b-movie. I have the dire plot line, thickening, it seems, with every turn. I have the unique characters. I have the heroes, and I have the villains, and I definitely have some cheesy monsters. But I will always find something to laugh about. The moment I stop laughing, I have to start facing a stark reality. I’m just not ready to do that yet – I feel like it is some kind of surrender. Instead, I realized today that I just need to roll with the punches. Take every day, one at a time. And just continue to look for the comic relief. It has to be there somewhere.


Ps – here are the old school trailers for some of my absolute favorite b-movies. Enjoy. And please. One day, when you have time, please sit down and enjoy the beauty that is Plan Nine From Outer Space. An Ed Wood classic, I am positive your life will be better.


Plan Nine From Outer Space


Devil Doll


The Screaming Skull



Finals week

1 Dec

This place:

This weather:


2 assignments to complete. And my last sociology class in 3 hours.


Cue the battle music.