No Pain no Gain

22 Nov

Today was the Sabbath.  And my body is sore because of all the hard work I did.  Before you label me a sinner, let me explain.


My throat is sore from singing for 2 hours at the nursing home.

My abs are sore from laughing too hard with roommates I hadn’t bonded with before.

My neck is sore from holding the phone against my shoulder while talking to Elisabeth and coloring at the same time.

My brain is sore from trying to understand my home teachers explanations of why BYU Sports are going independent because when they asked if there was anything I needed, I said I needed an understanding of that particular bit of news.

My hands are frozen from playing in the first snow of the year.

My eyes are tired from reading a book for my little sister.

My biceps are sore from directing the Ward Choir for 30 minutes and then being taught how to direct Ward Choir for 20 minutes after (seems a little backwards…but I can’t just wing it forever!)

My fingers are sore from writing for hours in my new journal with empty pages that seemed to be begging to be filled with all my daily doings and poetic musings.

My legs are sore from balancing precariously on every surface in my room while Mart and I hung up our Christmas lights.

My heart is a little bit sore from the realization that I can and should be doing better at a lot of things.  And my determination is getting sore from being revved up again at full speed without a proper warm up.


Sometimes I feel like Sundays are just full of meetings, walking to meetings, and waiting for meetings to start when you factor in church, Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers, Committee Meetings, Ward Prayer, Tithing Settlement, Interviews, and everything in between.  I liked this Sunday though because I had time to sit and think and notice and most importantly, work.  Work on things I have been neglecting but things that, now completed have left me feeling edified and confident that life is good no matter what happens.


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