Evolution of my Journal Entries

3 Oct

A select number of journal entries as recorded by yours truly.  I chose these ones because I thought they were funny, they were the least embarrassing of the year, OR they were ironic or foretelling. And these are verbatim.

July 26, 1999

“Today me and my friend Jacline played barbies.  In Achevminte days, I wint swimming”

May 7, 2000

“Today is Sunday, and I am wearing a very poofy dress.  I don’t know what socks to wear”

October 4, 2001

“I can’t believe I am actually in China! Today we went to the Forbidden City, Teaniman Square, and the Summer Palace.  I liked the Summer Palace the best because it was beautiful and I liked to imagine that I was a princess living here.  But I would be a princess that fought dragons.  I think sometimes the Princes probably need some help fighting them.

January 1, 2004

“Mom asked me to get in my jammies like a 1000 times, but I didn’t so she got frustrated.  She told dad to have a little “chat” with me. I was mad.  I never got the point of pajamas anyway. But Dad was right, and I need to listen to mom more and be obedient.

January 1, 2006

“I didn’t write at all in 2005….but this about all that happened. 1. I had an awesome 8th grade year. 2. Moved to Ohio 3. Joined the swim team 4. Well, that is all I can think of.”

October 15, 2006

It is raining so much, I think the New Mexico desert is going to become a jungle here pretty soon. Mom thinks I am the freakiest driver since…well…Megan.  I think Orlando Bloom is the most handsome man in the world.  In Chemistry, I am starting to get to know this boy named Aaron Lindsay.  He is in the other ward, and REALLY cute.  I don’t really talk to Grant much anymore.  I don’t know how I would get through my days without Dryw though (although…I think he needs a haircut….I’ll bring it up when we go to sonic today)

January 9, 2007.

“I am not kidding. Aaron just asked me to Prom.”

July 2007

“I hate boys.”

June 20 2008

“We are leaving today for Las Vegas.  It is hard to look around at the mountains and beautiful White Sands, and think that I am leaving and never coming back.  New Mexico was a great home, and I know that Las Vegas will not be as good (bad attitude? yeah….I am a teenage girl).  I better marry someone who LOVES the desert as much as I do.”

April 15 2009

“It is amazing to me that this city can be so full of so many people, and still I have never felt so lonely in my life.  There is no quiet.  I am so excited to leave this place and go to college, where EVERYONE will be the ‘new girl’ and I will actually have the advantage.”

July 27 2009

“ONCE AGAIN…we have to make a list of qualities we want in a future husband for YW.  (so glad I am almost in Relief Society!).  I am just gonna write ridiculous stuff down, just to stick it to the man…or woman in this case.  He will be a blonde, blue eyed return missionary.  Absolute MUST that he is in band.  Preferably a Sax player, for obvious reasons. He will be in the Air Force, or at least like planes.  He will quote Napolean Dynamite.  He will wear plaid button up shirts (OW OW!).  He will love St. Patricks Day.  He will like to go to ballets, operas, symphonies, and other concerts as much as I do.  He will drive a stick shift. Also, speak french…just because I was done with my list and no one else was and I felt like I had to write something else.”

January 14, 2010

“I am a freshman at college. And I am just starting to realize that I really CAN do whatever the heck I want! I can learn everything! I can go to choir concerts by myself (which I do…all the time…because no one else really likes to, and for some reason I LOVE BYU CHOIRS!!!!). I can just do anything! It is so amazing to finally realize that! I think I will call my Dad to say hi now”

October 2, 2010

“Instead of doing homework, I started looking through my old journals.  What a trip.  I was a little nuts…I think I will write a blog post highlighting some of the…less embarrassing parts of my journals.  ha ha.  I really should show Evan some of the drawings I did when I was a little girl.  Then we can laugh about how when I was a 12 year old drawing princesses, he was a 17 year old getting ready to graduate from high school.  And then we can stop thinking about that…because it is kinda weird.”


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  1. Jessica October 4, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    Love. This.

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