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Just because I want to.

30 Aug

I really enjoy reading people’s blogs. One of my favorites is the lovely  C.A. MegN, as she is inputed into my cell phone contact list.

She closes her latest post with the sentence, “It is good to be a wandering 20-something.”

I agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

I love that I can take Ceramics, Floral Arranging, Paleobotany, Jogging, Mechanics of Clothing, and/or Astronomy. Just because I want to.

I love that I can study abroad to Europe, Jerusalem, Africa, India, China, New Zealand or anywhere in South America.  Just because I want to.

I love that I can dye my hair red during a hair dying party with my best girls. Just because I want to.

I love that I can make a split second decision to get my hair cut SIGNIFICANTLY shorter when I was driving around and happened upon a hair salon. Just because I wanted to.

I love that I can e-mail professors about how I was intrigued by something they mentioned in class, and want to learn more and they will e-mail back with all the information I would ever want to know, even though I was only one of 600 in that particular class. Just because I wondered.

I love that I can sit with my lap top and watch Penelope. I can check out The Swan Princess from the library. I walk on over  to the dollar theater and see Iron Man 2. Just because I want to.

I love that I can go visit friends,old and new, whenever they feel stressed or lonely and I can help them start laughing again. Just because I want to.

This time of life comes with so much freedom.  It is a time when we can AND SHOULD be wanderers, trying as many things as we can so we can decide what it is we love the most. It is when we get to pick the something we want to learn everything about, and along the way we learn a little something about everything else


“I’ll be fine with just forks.”

25 Aug

I am in a transition stage right now, and I am straight up stressin’ about it.

I have a new apartment, my side of the room piled with boxes that I can’t get myself to unpack because I can’t comprehend that this is my new abode. It just can’t be…only last week I was living and loving the busy life of a C.A. cozy in my mezzanine room at Helaman Halls with a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, best friends eating it with me, and a boyfriend only a 75 second walk away.  I knew how to do my job–I sometimes did it in my sleep (late night on-call phone calls, and long building prep shifts).

The past couple days I have been sleeping in Alpine and working in Provo. I didn’t mind the commute, it was actually wonderfully relaxing in the early morning and the sunrise is particularly lovely in Alpine.  I absolutely adored seeing so much of my Grandparents.  I love them so much. I had the whole basement to myself including the washer, dryer, big screen TV and the downstairs shower which has the most perfect water pressure. Seriously. It is probably the best shower in the whole world. But it has been hard because I have no structure. No schedule. I have a massive to do list for a new job I don’t even know how to do, and another equally massive to do list for getting ready for school.  BUT I DON’T HAVE A PLANNER (or any paper) to write them in because I haven’t gone school shopping yet and I filled up my last journal.

And I lost my wallet today which is the event that made me finally crack and sit down on Mary Ann’s future bed (because mine is covered with all my stuff) and cry. Buckets of tears. So, I can’t go school shopping tomorrow after work. And I can’t get my eyes checked or teeth cleaned because I need my military I.D. and insurance card. And I can’t drive anywhere. And just now while writing this, I realized I left my phone charger at Grandma’s house. Which is NOT good since I only have one bar left. I have a really sweet roommate I have hardly met because I don’t know what the heck I am doing with my life and she probably thinks I am basically the rudest person ever.

The most frustrating part of this whole thing is that I have HAD to ask for help.  Especially with my wallet gone now. I went to eat my leftover curry from when Evan took me to Thai food last night, when I realized I had no eating utensils. That is when the hot tears started coming.  “You just mega-failed” was all that came to my head–“Mega mega fail, Annette.” Evan offered to walk to the grocery store on the corner and buy me some plastic forks. I said no, I would be fine. He said “Let’s go.” I said some plastic forks would be all I need. He said “What kind of cereal do you want?” “Skim Milk right, you freaking health nut.” “Honey Wheat bread, or Multi-grain?” “Chunky or smooth peanut butter?” “Annette, I saw you look at the prices first and then pick grape jelly because it was the cheapest…stop being difficult and just get the raspberry preserves.” I was being just ridiculous and blubbering around saying that I really would be just fine with forks, while I was FREAKING out inside about what/how/when I was going to eat for the next couple days. More than once he had to spin me around, stop me mid-sentence and say “I want to do this for you. I am offering.” I nodded in gratitude, and tried to get my guilt ridden self to deal with it.

I just hate asking for help.  I should be able to handle things like feeding myself for crying out loud! I should be helping people, not walking around begging for food, and rides.

In short, I am freaking out. Completely freaking out. I guess I will unpack now…and then go to sleep. Please wallet…come back to me. I will never let you out of my sights again!

A Harry Potter Generation

19 Aug

I have heard my dear coworker Blake say many times “We are such a Harry Potter Generation.”

The man speaks truth.

It is crazy how much that book series has inserted itself into everyones lives…and vocabularies. For example: I was talking to a friend once who was home sick.  She was trying to explain how she was feeling–“Annette, I just feel so drained and weak. Like I can’t sit or stand up or do anything but lay in bed and wallow in despair. It is like…I am constantly surrounded by Dementors. And there is no such thing as a patronous pill!” This was an analogy I could really understand, and I felt for the poor girl. And bought her chocolate of course.

And who in the WORLD has not seen this bad boy?  Or watched some of the Harry Potter Musical? Or visited a fan site such as this in order to keep up with the news?

I have gone to every midnight release of both the movies and the books. I always dress up as a Gyffindor Quidditch fan (…because I AM a Gryffindor Quidditch fan, although I think if hadn’t misplaced my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts at the age of 11, I would have been sorted into Ravenclaw)

Arianne (who is dressed appropriately for class at Hogwarts, even though you can't see it), Me showing team spirit, and Tally in her Muggle shirt

And so, it is not too very out of the ordinary that I woke up with this unquenchable impatience for the new Harry Potter movie to come out. I can’t take the suspense! I want to start rereading the books and watching the trailer all day. Sigh. Somehow, I will be able to make it through the next 91 days 11 hours and 31 minutes until the lights dim in the movie theater and my life is completed.

Until part 2 of course.


Wondering and Wandering

13 Aug

Wise words from Elisabeth to me when I called/texted her in a slight panic:

“Annette, you are allowed to be happy.  You don’t always have to run away.  Take a breath. Think long.”

I hope we all remember to think about ourselves every once in a while.  We deserve some time to think and decide what it is we really want. I need to enjoy more sunrises, more stars, more breezes, more smiles, more music, more thoughts with just me, myself, and I.

Fly Bird, Fly!

4 Aug

The other day, my sister Heidi picked me up from the Airport.

This is Heidi

Among other things, we talked about a certain philosophy our Dad has about raising us kids.  It is not-so-affectionately called the “Fly bird, fly” philosophy.  Allow me to give you an example of this parenting technique of his with a phone conversation I just had with him like…1 minute ago.


“Colonel Harris”

“Hey Daddy! It’s ‘Nette”

“Oh hey Nette! What’s up? Something wrong?”

“Nope…Mom just told me to call you and ask how to do this car insurance and registration stuff. I have no idea what I am doing.”

“Oh ok….::he procedes to start gabbing about titles, and how Megan needs to sign them, and how I need a receipt and something about sales tax and then he gets talking about insurance (dun dun DUN!)::

“So, how do I do insurance Dad? Do I call USAA like you and Mom have or something?”

*Here is the Fly Bird, FLY! part…and I might use a little hyperbole here.

“Well ‘Nette, right now you are covered by me as a kind of “sometimes driver”, but right when you buy this new car officially things are gonna change.  You are going to be in charge of insurance yourself.  I am dropping you. You are on your own. You will be liable for everything that happens. I will have nothing to do with it anymore. Did I mention I am dropping you from our insurance right away? In fact, why don’t you just call my secretary when you get it all set up so I can drop you immediately. Insurance is going to be all you! You are on your own.  Let me just emphasize again that I am DROPPING you. Consider yourself D-R-O-P-P-E-D. Let me use that really loaded word again that makes you feel all alone in the world….DROP.

“…………..ok Dad sheesh, I think I got it”

“You have to grow up sometime ‘Nette”

“Hey Man….that last statement didn’t make feel much better”

“Oh, sorry…love you?”

“yeah yeah yeah, I am gonna go hiking with my friends that don’t “Drop” me like a hot potato.”

“Ok, be careful! Are you still dating that one guy?”

“Bye Dad.”

This is Tally and I pelting Dad in the face with snow...take that "Fly Bird, Fly" philosophy