What in Tarnation!?!

18 May

There are few disappointments that sting as sharply as running downstairs to get your clothes out of the dryer…expecting them to be warm and fluffy….anticipating throwing my most cozy hoodie on for the rest of the night….only to discover the loads sickeningly damp and cold.

It made me want to punch a baby dolphin or something.

Curse you broken Dryers. Curse you.

P.S. I have a super fly job even super fly-er coworkers. Since I am not feeling particularly creative or wordy this evening, allow me to direct you to some descriptions of said job and said coworkers for your reading pleasure whilst I prepare my own “Ode to Conference Assisting”.

Here you shall find a marvelous description of the job. Very well done coworker Megan. *applause*

Here, here, and here, you shall find even more marvelous descriptions of the people that make my Helaman Halls world go ’round.


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