No one tell Mrs. Rhodes

9 Apr

Twas many many moons ago, in the rather dreary girls locker room of Alamogordo High School, I was crying to my role model, idol, and aerobics teacher Mrs. Rhodes about how I didn’t want to move, how I could still learn so much from her, how life wasn’t fair, yadda yadda yadda. I remember she gave me a hug, told me I was going to do great things, gave me her e-mail for letter of recommendation purposes, and led me to the door.  Right before I left though, she told me to remember three things that would bring me happiness and joy throughout life. 

  1. Never do drugs
  2. Marry the best man I can find…and send her an invitation. 
  3. never take the elevator when stairs are an option. Ever. 


My friends. Today, after all these years, I caved and I took the elevator from the third floor to the fifth floor of the library. I am sick you see. So very very sick. I couldn’t breathe, just standing up made me dizzy, and I was going to topple over at any second.  I stood at the base of the big stairs for a while, willing myself to start going up them, but I just turned and took the elevator.  I just couldn’t do it. Sigh. 

Nobody tell Mrs. Rhodes.


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