I am having a major problem…

19 Mar

I love my major! I am an Exercise and Wellness major, and I want to minor in Women’s Studies.  I like knowing my major so I can say it when people ask and not have to deal with the whole “I don’t know…” answer.  I like knowing the classes I need to take and having my semester planned out.  I am well on my way to becoming what I have wanted to be for a long long time! 

But sometimes it is a bummer because I hear about other majors, and I think “That sounds fun!” “I want to do that!.”  For instance, the other day I was thinking…what if I were a political science major? I like politics! I have ideas! I should do it! Or today while sitting in dinosaurs and looking a fossilized fern, preserved all the way to the cellular level, I though “I want to be Paleo-Botonist! No one even know what that is! I could popularize the field like Elvis popularized the pelvic thrust!” (that is really the analogy that went through my head…I realize that it is not the best…).  I even considered for a fleeting moment me being a statistician for a pharmaceutical company. I don’t even know where little day dream cam from, but I suppose, if one makes a 95% confidence interval, there is still a small chance that the true mean lies outside the interval, and insanity can happen without being statistically significant…something about the null hypothesis….probability…experiement…statistics…. (if you can’t tell, I am just stringing stat terms together here…just fyi…I don’t have any idea what I am talking about) 

 But, I already have a major…and I love it! I really do!  It is the best ever! I just wish I could do it all! Because sometimes I get jealous of people that get to take cool classes that are not part of my major.  Like paleo-botany. That one is going to bother me…

Also, for your viewing enjoyment, a video featuring MY professor, Dr. Brooks Britt talking about the new dinosaur HE disovered, which I have held and studied with my own hands. I don’t want to brag or anything…


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