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Things on my mind

31 Mar

Who is that girl (in the 5th seat from the back) in the boat full of guys? That's me!

Number of tigers left in the wild: 3200

“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.” – Bette Davis

“And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.” – Kurt Vonnegut in The Slaughterhouse-5

We Only Come Out at Night – The Smashing Pumpkins

Whisper – A Fine Frenzy

I’m thinking about rowing. I’m thinking about how everything I’m learning in school is interrelated. Max Weber in Comparative Politics! Durkheim in Urban Society! Marx in Feminism and Pop Culture! Polarity and the North-South Divide in Comparative AND Political Ideology. And statistics in Epidemiology (well, I guess that is a little obvious – it was described as a statistics class with boils and respiratory failure hahahaha). I’m getting excited because I can see the direction my education is going and I like it! I’m thinking about how cold the Ohio River is. I’m thinking about joining both and indoor BMX racing league AND a roller derby team. I’m thinking about personal sovereignty. I’m thinking about travel. I’m thinking about the prospect of being a park ranger in Utah. I’m thinking…….that I have been thinking a lot!


Music Monday!

30 Mar

Here’s my plan. It’s been a long long time since I posted anything and I am not a fan of this turn of events! So, I am going to post some fly music every Monday to ensure I write something at least once a week. I really do have things to say! I just generally run out of time or brain power to string coherent ideas together and sound at least a little educated.

So here is some fly music!

Punkrocker by The Teddybears and Iggy Pop

Evident Utensil by Chairlift

Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

Little Girl by Robert Francis

Pork and Beans by Weezer

A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

In Between 2 States by Athlete

Master of None by Beach House

More to come next Monday! And, hopefully, something insightful or interesting this Wednesday!

Ps – I had this thought today. Sometimes, I wish events in real life have onomatopoetic captions, just like in comic books. Like, if I tripped and fell (this happens more than I would probably like to admit), and giant neon BAM! would appear over my head. It doesn’t even have to be onomatopoetic. It could be anything. It would have made my day if, when I waded into the Ohio River for a wet launch at 5 this morning, a huge flashing COLD!! would  have appeared in the air. Just saying – life might be a little more interesting. Consider what living would be like if we no longer had to do it with an air of subtly. What if secret, downplayed emotions were suddenly broadcasted to the rest of the world? JEALOUS! ANGRY! EXCEPTIONALLY HAPPY! What would people do? Would they maybe act more in accordance with their true feelings that tend to be denied for the sake of others? Or would the inability to separate personal behaviors from the outside world cause some serious problemos?

Or, maybe it would just be flippin’ awesome to have a comical BAM! pop up over my head whenever I wipe out and fall down.


26 Mar

What the holy snow-rain-sleet-hail-sunny?  I am pretty sure this is the weirdest weather I have ever seen.

It must be a sign of the times. Right? I am sure it is Revelations somwhere.

I am having a major problem…

19 Mar

I love my major! I am an Exercise and Wellness major, and I want to minor in Women’s Studies.  I like knowing my major so I can say it when people ask and not have to deal with the whole “I don’t know…” answer.  I like knowing the classes I need to take and having my semester planned out.  I am well on my way to becoming what I have wanted to be for a long long time! 

But sometimes it is a bummer because I hear about other majors, and I think “That sounds fun!” “I want to do that!.”  For instance, the other day I was thinking…what if I were a political science major? I like politics! I have ideas! I should do it! Or today while sitting in dinosaurs and looking a fossilized fern, preserved all the way to the cellular level, I though “I want to be Paleo-Botonist! No one even know what that is! I could popularize the field like Elvis popularized the pelvic thrust!” (that is really the analogy that went through my head…I realize that it is not the best…).  I even considered for a fleeting moment me being a statistician for a pharmaceutical company. I don’t even know where little day dream cam from, but I suppose, if one makes a 95% confidence interval, there is still a small chance that the true mean lies outside the interval, and insanity can happen without being statistically significant…something about the null hypothesis….probability…experiement…statistics…. (if you can’t tell, I am just stringing stat terms together here…just fyi…I don’t have any idea what I am talking about) 

 But, I already have a major…and I love it! I really do!  It is the best ever! I just wish I could do it all! Because sometimes I get jealous of people that get to take cool classes that are not part of my major.  Like paleo-botany. That one is going to bother me…

Also, for your viewing enjoyment, a video featuring MY professor, Dr. Brooks Britt talking about the new dinosaur HE disovered, which I have held and studied with my own hands. I don’t want to brag or anything…

“I’m gonna BOIL OVER”–the villain from Swan Princess

18 Mar

I didn’t really care about politics until this past presidential election.  I decided to become informed and really start thinking about it then as a result of the historical nature of it, the fact that I lived in a swing state, and my AP Government class.  I watched the news, read the papers, got addicted to some good ole C-Span in the morning, and went to rallies featuring Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, John McCain, and Joe Biden (yep…I got the complete set!).  I consider myself fairly educated politically, and I still keep up.  

During this time of questioning, I discovered that while I am pretty passionate about foreign affairs, education reform, and especially health care reform, but what REALLY gets me fired up is the immigration issue. 

I think the U.S.A. is in DIRE need of immigration reform, and perhaps more importantly an all around push to make people realize that these are real people with real lives and real families.  One of the reasons I feel so strongly about this issue is my experience in the border town of Alamogordo New Mexico.  I lived there for a fairly short time, but it is BY FAR my favorite of all my many “homes.”  And the reason is the people.  I have never met a harder working, more family oriented group of people than the Mexican immigrants in Alamogordo.  It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach to hear or see the disrespect this incredible group of people endure, all because they are working toward a better life for their families.  (slightly ironic that “working hard toward a better life for your family” is basically the definition of the American dream…huh).

I could go on and on about this–let you know my proposed immigration reform, and give you examples of the horrendous treatment of immigrants that I have seen, but I will leave that to my letters to senators and congressmen.  Just please always remember that we are all human beings, placed on this earth by a Heavenly Father and Mother.  Treat everyone with kindness and love.  Try to understand their story.  Let’s all help each other.

Space monkeys

13 Mar

Karl Marx used to write about this idea that technology and”the system”, like the labor system that keeps the elites in power and all that jazz, was really bad because of its effects on the workers. The process of production alienated the workers from the process (Chuck Palahniuk described the phenomenon as being a “space monkey” in Fight Club. All the workers do a specialized  task that is so remote and isolated that they don’t even know what they are working for). It alienated them from the final product because they were paid so little money that they couldn’t afford to buy it, resulting in a lack of fulfillment. It alienated them from their true desires, because if they did try to leave the labor system, they would become too destitute to survive. Finally, it alienated them from their creativity, which is closely related to the space monkey mentality. Doing the same repetitive action day by day reinforces mediocrity and boredom. And, according to Marx, when the workers became too alienated by the system, they were very likely to revolt.

Dear college,
I feel like an alienated worker! The strange topics in class make me feel alienated because I can’t see their relevance to the final product. I see the promise of great opportunities that I can’t afford right now – studying social sciences in Amsterdam is going to have to wait. And my creativity has been spent – writing about depressing topics like an obligation to die, or papers about Karl Marx. So stop alienating me or else some revolt might go down. Aka – joining the circus. Or making skateboards for a living.

Generally, I’m not this negative! But, after writing about good old Karl for sociology, I thought I would use what I learned about him in the context of my own life. I think the way to alieviate this ill is for summer to get here. Spring break equals not quite a break. I calculated it – I will be rowing 42 hours over the course of 7 days. This will be more of an adventure than anything else! But summer – I see some major potential. Especially if I land that park ranger job in Utah!

Blonde moment #4989837210934567

12 Mar

You know you are tired when you unscrew your mascara….and start writing in your planner with it.

I should be on an episode of House

10 Mar

I have come to the conclusion that I have some totally weird medical maladies.  And most of them are a little humorous. Which is why I am writing a blog post about it. 

  1. My hands fall asleep basically once an hour no matter what…standing, sitting, running, movie watching, writing, napping. This makes for some interesting and creative back-pack packing at the end of classes sometimes. 
  2. This a new one. I was walking through the snow one day home from the testing center.  I realized I was starting to get light headed, and soon starting blacking out. “How strange” I thought. So I sat down at a covered bench for a while to rest.  I came to the conclusion I was just fine and started walking again.  Then I started blacking out again! I stopped in the middle of sidewalk to figure out what the heck was going on. It was then I realized, that I was forgetting to breathe. Yes. I think my subconscious is scared of inhaling snow for some reason.  I attribute it to the fact that in most of the places I have lived, floating white stuff is nuclear waste.  Now when it is snowing, I know I have to actively remind myself to breathe. 
  3. I talk, yell, sing, walk, and who knows what else in my sleep.  It gives my roommates quite a laugh, as well as the people around me whenever I doze off in the library. 
  4. I get the hiccups every single time I eat bread. Every time. 
  5. When I do calf raises, I never ever feel them in my calfs. I feel them in my…uh…gluteus maximus. And I am telling you…it burns than 1,234,849,983 lunges ever would. Kinda weird. 
  6. I fall asleep in Stats basically everyday. But I am not sure that can be considered out of the ordinary…since everyone falls asleep in Stats. 

Oh how far we have come.

8 Mar

Alice in Wonderland, 1903

Alice in Wonderland, this past weekend

I think Tim Burton has almost made his version as exciting as the original.

This Wednesday…

4 Mar

…should be known as Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

Why, you wonder? Well (the abundance of the w’s was intentional), today, is a really wicked awesome event. Annette Harris is 19 today!

Now, there is no way possible I can attempt to match the awesomeness of her birthday post to me. However, I am definitely going to make up for it with….something….that will be discussed later….and by later, I mean probably in five years or so. Let me be just a little more vague! But, I assure you, I think it is a pretty good thing.

Annette is my favorite person pretty much ever. I will demonstrate why, I think, by laying down some of the awesome stories that have accumulated over the years.

1. So, it was freshman year. Annette was our track team manager, and we were at this meet in lovely Sydney, Ohio. It was freezing cold, and the sun was starting to set. The peculiar thing was that there were no clouds, so this particular sunset was off the hook. My races were over and Annette no longer had to manage, so we were messing around, and these things happened:

  1. We were talking about dates or something. I don’t remember. Anyways, I took off my shoes and ran over to the long jump pit, yelling “I like sunsets and long walks on the beach!”.
  2. We were listening to this song from this musical about Charlie Brown, and one of the lines was “Happiness is sharing a sandwich.” And then we split a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  3. After the meet, we got back in Fairborn at midnight and then went to my grandma’s house. We watch Oklahoma with her and made waffles. That was chronic.

2. We used to eat ice and pretend it was Oreos or Doritos or something unhealthy and watch Megan direct her play.

3. The falafel adventure. I feel like that if I explain exactly what went down, this paragraph would be ultra long. Just know it was out of control. And that we basically ran/stumbled away from Ali Baba.

4. Annette’s best date idea ever in the history of the world. I will just mention the things it involved: a library, Lord of the Rings, and a watermelon. And certain levels of trickery and disguise.

5.  She sent me her first race number ever. And I proudly display it framed on my desk.

6. A driveway. Is that vague enough?

7. Annette told me the tale of her shocking day. The fact she was electrocuted 3 times was not funny. But the fact she was electrocuted 3 times, and in 3 different ways (including by means of puddle and bench?) was actually pretty humorous.

8. She told me once about searching through a grocery store for a particular type of cheese. Not colby jack. Just Colby. And how it was like a stage of the Odyssey. It was. Hilarious.

9. The stories about the professors. Here is a text she sent me once, almost verbatim: “I just saw Susan Easton Black buying a Twix from a vending machine. She IS human!”

10. “What’s going to happen!! What!” That was a grand experience. A minor traffic violation or so may have occurred.

11. A skype conversation that just might have been 3 hours long.

12. Ok. There are so so so so so so so so so many more. But I am basically out of time. More will come later….

Ps – another reason why Annette is my best friend:

She was born with innately fly croquet skills.

She was born with with mad croquet skills.