Well. Why not.

26 Feb

Thundering dispirit,
Behind tender strings of perplexing affection.
Caught in the wires, falling into absolution
Abandonment, infectious hesitation.
Isolation, inescapable scandal.
In the complexity, note:
My skin is thin.
My hands are small.
My heart, my naivety, my beating chest of finer things –
Too great to miss.
Born raw, rubbed fresh, starved.
Dexterity is tumultuous.
Integrity of glory – defined, poised,
Defeat of an ancient grudge,
and the ultimatum of a costly following.
That is victory over the kindest foe.
Finding humility at the sake of personal gratification.
Self-effacing in the face of majesty.
And finally,
The personal rescue.
In a planet so caustic,
The people – so very strong.
The person – so very very alone.
A lifeboat from the time of Arthurian legend,
These lives never happened to me,
These dragons were never slain,
These stallions were never tamed.
And my heart of hearts,
my card of kings, dreams, and the sweetest swings –
never played.
I’m just a little girl today.
Your future, my future,
This concept of time and abbreviation –
Absolutely terrifying to my world wide eyes.
I place my investment in personal direction –
An inside bearing, a superior love,
Valor, pride, wealth in the intent?
Without a doubt.
New legends transcend time and relative history.
New legends set sail daily,
But reach the opposite shore once in a lifetime.
And in my heart of hearts,
my card of kings, dreams, and the sweetest deeds –
the harshest needs,
the tender things,
set apart from old age and infancy –
that card is ready to be set down on the table.
Face up,
taking the turn, one hand at a time.


One Response to “Well. Why not.”

  1. uhnet February 26, 2010 at 4:34 am #

    sheesh. Why so serious!

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