For Ranger…

9 Feb

It is blizzarding outside today. Seriously, a foot of snow dropped over the course of two hours. It combined with the snow and slush and yukky stuff already on the ground, and formed this gross winter disaster.

Though I dislike it, my dog Ranger LOVES snow. LOVES it. He plays in it. He rolls in it. He tackles snow drifts. He tries to eat it while he’s walking. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever. The snow made me think of him today. I miss my puppy!

So this is my statement today: Dogs are awesome. I mean, cats are pretty cool too. And fish and birds and gerbilly creatures. But dogs. They are awesome. They love to play. They are more loyal than any person you might know. They will love you, no matter what, so you better take care of them. They have an intense instinct to serve and protect. They have this unique enthusiasm and love for life that I think people can learn from. Humans (like me today!) say: I hate winter. I hate cold. I hate things. Dogs always seem to be saying: I LOVE walks! I LOVE outside! I LOVE fetch! I LOVE adventures! I LOVE food! I LOVE affection and playing and being happy!

I know this sounds crazy, but that is just my observation from always having a dog in my life. And in the future, I plan on having many canines as part of my family. And ALL will be adopted from shelters and spayed or neutered. A pressing concern is definitely the number of unadopted dogs in this country.It is so sad. Millions of unwanted puppies are euthanized each year because no one is willing or able to adopt them from shelters. Ranger had days left before we adopted him, and he is pretty much the best creature on the planet. He makes my family abundantly happy.

So, in conclusion, I hope that someday you will be able to have a dog in your family. And I hope you chose to adopt from a shelter. And if you are really resistant (Annette!), at least be friends with someone that will so you can share the experience.

Dogs rule.


One Response to “For Ranger…”

  1. Courtney February 13, 2010 at 2:34 am #

    annette i like your blog! and especially this post–i fully agree with you about dogs and their awesomeness. my dog totally fits all you said about dogs. it is so true that they have a love for life that we humans need to have as well. yay for dogs. i bet if those characters in jurassic park had a dog there with them when the dinosaurs were chasing them they would have been better off. 🙂 –courtney from dinosaurs class

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